Benefits of $10 Gas


  • More electric vehicles of every kind, including farm tractors
  • Car pooling, by necessity; shorter drives to work
  • Higher transit usage, shifting to electric trams and buses
  • One person, comfortable commuters cars; 2 – 3 wheels, &  a covered cockpit for comfortable commuting by one or two people?

The BWM / Technical University of Berlin, CLEVER Concept Car:

The cab has the ability to lean into turns, like a motorcycle,
for enhanced safety.


Here is an Electric Commuter Car
that is already being delivered to customers in BC

Click the image to visit the Meccanica website. This one person commuter car has the bonus of being electric and environmentally friendly.



  • New trains could be electric; new infrastructure is needed
  • Ships could use hydrogen fuel cell power generators
    or Small Modular Nuclear Reactors (SMRs)
  • Airplanes: Fly less for business, vacations & moving goods;
    more use of rail or boat for personal travel and shiping of goods
  • Buy carbon offsets, if flying frequently, at very low cost.


DIVIDENDS to Consumers, from Carbon Taxes

  • Pay the carbon tax windfall out to the consumer,
    who will spend it on sustainable products of their choice
  • Or just reduce the taxes on sustainable products

Knowing the Real Cost of Things on
a Sustainable
Planet Earth
  • Gradual increase of fuel costs in agriculture
  • Shift to electric in agri-vehicles and processing
  • Paying for soil erosion or pesticides, to plant more trees,
    and find benign pesticide alternatives
  • Use of fertilizers that do not run off and create ocean dead zones
  • Regenerative, no-till agriculture for soil health and carbon capture
  • Paying for water, to build reservoirs
  • Paying for the water used in fracking; stop fracking
  • Selective cutting and planting of trees, to prevent erosion
    and the loss of greenhouse gas absorption
  • Silvi-culture – agriculture in the forest
Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Ships and Trains

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